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The drug Oxycodone or Oxycontin is a highly addictive substance that is commonly referred to as Oxy. Oxy’s as they are called on the street lead to extreme physical dependence and a world of problems for the user. The highly addictive and also highly dangerous pills that have Oxycodone in them can lead to overdose, death or other adverse complications when used in excess or when abused. These medications are widely prescribed for the medical treatment of pain but even those who are legitimately prescribed the medications can find that they wind up addicted. Fortunately, although Oxy addiction is difficult to cope with, there are methods of treatment that have been proven effective at helping patients overcome addiction.

Finding an Oxy Rehab Center

If you or someone you know is addicted to Oxycontin, Oxycodone, or a similar drug there is help. Oxy drug rehab centers provide patients with a safe atmosphere where they can be treated for their addiction and can overcome the physical dependence that they have on these pills. Many of these programs also offer treatment for dual diagnosis realizing that many of the people who take Oxy’s do so in an effort to mask a real pain or problem in their lives. Specialized treatment and care that focuses on healing the underlying conditions that led to the Oxy abuse is provided by dual diagnosis rehab centers.

An Oxy rehab center can provide you with around-the-clock help and care that will ensure your sobriety and your safety during detox. Getting past the physical symptoms of withdrawal from Oxycontin can be a difficult and trying phase of the recovery process but in time you will feel better, the physical desire to use will dissipate and you will one day be past the Oxy addiction. It’s important to stay on track and just keep working toward your recovery goals no matter how difficult it may be to stay clean and sober.

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Treatment Options

If you need help, Oxy Drug Rehab .com can assist you in finding a local rehab center that will provide effective treatment for yourself or for someone you love who is addicted. There is no need to live life in pain and suffering. Even if you have been prescribed Oxy in order to treat pain, there are other options that may benefit you and which may come with less risk of physical dependence. An Oxy rehab center can show you methods of coping with pain, teach you how to overcome the physical or psychological desire to use drugs and lead you on a direct path to recovery from this potentially fatal disease.