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Oxy Addiction

Oxycontin, Oxy’s or other drugs that use Oxycodone have a high potential for causing addiction that is very much physical in scope. This addiction is not only dangerous, it is a potentially fatal disease that can lead to extreme debilitation and will literally cripple the individual who is abusing the drugs. While this is one of the most widely abused medications on the market today, there is help and hope for those who do suffer from the extreme strongholds of this terrible disease. Treatment and rehabilitation options are available for those who are addicted to Oxy’s or other opiates.

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Treatment Options

What is Oxy Addiction?

Cited as one of the most widely abused drugs in the world, Oxycodone has an extreme potential for causing addiction. When used properly, the risks are much lower but in society today, people tend to use the drug in ways that it was not originally intended such as crushing and snorting the pills, injecting them or otherwise ingesting them in matters that will lead to a fast acting high that is also long lasting. These methods of abuse often lead to physical dependence that is difficult to treat.

Symptoms of Oxycodone Addiction

When an individual becomes addicted to Oxy’s there are a number of symptoms that may be noticed. Some are not immediately visible while others tend to set in rather quickly. The first sign of addiction tend to be the tolerance that develops. Even if the drug is prescribed to treat pain, there is a risk of addiction occurring. You may start taking the pills just a few times each day to treat pain and then in time you realize that you have to take more and more of them in order to reduce the pain. You may take them more often or you may just take a larger dose, regardless, this is a sign of addiction to Oxycontin or whatever Oxy medication you are using.

Other signs of addiction include:

  • Sickness when not taking Oxy’s such as feeling sick when you don’t have enough of the drug or feeling sick if you go a period of time without the drug
  • withdrawal symptoms
  • flu-like symptoms
  • pain when not taking Oxy or increased pain that requires additional drugs to be taken
  • inability to cope without the drug
  • obsession with taking or finding more of the drug
  • fear of running out of Oxy
  • doctor shopping to find multiple doctors who will prescribe you medications
  • illegally obtaining medications on the street or in other manners

These signs of Oxycontin or Oxy addiction will become more and more prevalent as the addiction sets in and matters become worse. As time goes on, the addiction and physical dependence on the drug gets more and more of a problem and the need for treatment becomes more evident.

Help for Oxy Addiction

For those who are addicted to Oxy’s there is help available. Treatment and rehabilitation centers provide patients with a safe place where they can receive treatment for their addiction. The most difficult phase of Oxy rehab is the first few days or weeks during which the patient will go through detox. This is when most of the withdrawal symptoms will appear and it is also the time when the majority of physical dependence issues will be subsequently overcome. If you can get through the withdrawal symptoms, you will be on the fast track to recovery from this dangerous addiction.