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Oxycontin Rehab

For those who are addicted to Oxy, there is help available in rehab centers which provide detox, counseling, therapy and quality aftercare programs. Many of the substance abuse problems that an individual suffers from can be treated in an Oxy drug rehab. Rehab will consist of a number of different treatment options including detox to treat physical dependence on the drugs and counseling and therapy to assist with psychiatric recovery.

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Treatment Options

Detox in Oxy Rehab

The first days of treatment will take place in a qualified detox center. This is where all instances of physical dependence will be dealt with and it is also where the withdrawal symptoms will be treated. During the first 7-14 days of treatment, the patient will likely feel a range of withdrawal symptoms that are both difficult to cope with and equally difficult to treat. These symptoms may include pain, nausea, vomiting, flu-like symptoms, bone aches, muscle aches and a range of problems associated with trying to cope with these symptoms.

Fortunately, once the withdrawal symptoms subside, the recovering Oxy addict will feel much better and will have a more clear mind that will allow them to focus more time on their recovery. The next phase of treatment will be counseling and therapy to assist with psychiatric issues that surround the addiction or the desire to abuse drugs.

Counseling and Therapy in Oxy Rehab

The role of counseling and therapy in Oxy rehab will differ from one patient to the next. Some will require extensive counseling to treat issues that pertain to their past such as physical or psychological abuse while others may require some behavioral therapy to assist them in changing their behaviors in a manner that will lead them to sustained recovery. Each patient is different and will have very different need when it comes to receiving counseling and therapy in Oxy rehab.


Finally, once detox is complete and there are no longer signs of physical drug dependence, and counseling and therapy has provided a secure foundation for sobriety, aftercare is the next step of any quality treatment program. Oxy rehab centers typically offer a range of services on an outpatient basis to provide the patient with quality aftercare. This may include placement into a sober living facility, help with finding a job, or other assistance. Long term counseling is also provided as part of an aftercare program that offers treatment for Oxy addiction.